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14 July 2007 @ 01:17 am
So, I know half of fandom might shoot my head off for saying this, but really, it doesn't matter much because fandom is going to be dead in three months anyways. ): but seriously. I was thinking, in my re-reading of PoA, that the Marauder's Map sounded awfully like another magical object we have come to see - specifically, the diary in CoS. The main place I see this is when Professor Snape finds the marauder's map and the map insults him (possibly one of my favoritest scenes from the series). The other place is just, simply, in the way that Lupin talks about the map - the fact that he says "the makers of that map would have wanted to lure you out of the school," "they'd have thought it was funny." Which suggests that the map has a mind and soul of its own. In addition, Harry's first response, on having received the map from Fred and George, is to remember Arthur Weasley's words, which had previously been connected to the diary in CoS: "Don't trust anything if you can't see where its brain is." We already know, from the marauder's mastery of the animagus transformation, that they are highly gifted and able to produce complicated magical feats. On the flipside, des06  raised the excellent point that if this had been the case, then Lupin would have known that both Peter and James would not have been dead, then. That, along with just the simple fact that, in order to create the horcrux, the marauders would have had to murder someone (probably four someones, actually), and who these people are and the marauder's reluctance to do so would be the two things that really hold the theory back. But I can't help but think that maybe there is something up with the map. But it may just be I love Sirius so much and I want him back ):

*I'm not even sure I believe this myself!
11 July 2007 @ 09:10 am
Here’s my theory:

The Fountain of Magical Brethren was crucial foreshadowing.

The fountain was located in the Atrium of the Ministry of Magic, and it featured a wizard, a witch, a house-elf, a centaur, and a goblin, all idyllically united. At the end of OotP, this fountain is used as shelter by Harry, and is blasted to bits by Voldemort.

Also, over the course of the series characters from these various “Magical Brethren” have been introduced. And, in the cases of Dobby and Firenze, these brethren have forsaken the ways of their own people in order to live with and help Harry and the other wizarding folk. JKR has also introduced a fourth “Magical Brother” in the form of Grawp.

So, my theory is that just like in the battle in the Ministry Atrium, at some point in DH Harry will need to “take shelter” behind a unified force of “Magical Brethren” including Dobby (and possibly Kreacher and Winky), Firenze (and possibly other centaurs), one or more goblin characters who will be introduced in DH (possibly as guests at Bill’s wedding), and potentially Grawp.

This time around, instead of being destroyed by Voldemort like the fountain was, this group of truly united “Magical Brethren” will stand firm, and play a crucial role in leading to Harry’s ultimate success.
10 July 2007 @ 12:12 pm
This'll be short because I'm already teetering toward being late for work. BUT:

It took two people to get the locket Horcrux, Dumbledore made a point of saying a person couldn't've done it alone. Therefore RAB was not acting alone. The question now is, who was he acting with? I say Snape. Snape for a few reasons, 1) it would be a pretty effective way of clearing his name once Harry found out, AND if he came to Dumbledore, spilled the beans about the Horcruxes, Voldemort's one and only weakness (even if Dumbledore had already figured it out through his own guesswork), I'd say that's a pretty ironclad reason to trust him, eh? 2) Dumbledore asked specifically for Snape after all this, as if Snape knew the details of what had happened, only Snape could be the one to see him right then. This could be explained by a number of things, but hear me out. 3) Two old schoolmates, now Death Eaters, fresh out of Hogwarts and both having second thoughts? It only makes sense that they'd team up.

I think when 16 year old RAB and 17 year old Snape took the locket, Snape replaced the potion with something of his own. Because they assumed Voldemort would be the one to go after the locket next, he filled the potion that, while it might not kill the drinker, severely weaken him. My theory (and all of the internets's, I'm guessing?) is that Snape and Dumbledore had agreed that Snape would kill him, the potion was going to weaken Dumbledore to a state where he'd be useless, but not dead. If Dumbledore wasn't dead by Snape's doing, Snape would die, because of the Unbreakable Vow. Dumbledore knew the locket was a dud, knew exactly where to go to get to the entrance, knew where to go for the boat, knew there were inferni, because of Snape, because Snape had been there before.

gksfdgadf There's a bit more evidence and thoughts I'd like to share, but I really want to post this before going to work today, so I'll edit it later! Thanks for reading!
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10 July 2007 @ 07:49 am
This is about as random as it gets...

What if Regulus Black wasn't killed completely and instead became a ghoul in the bathroom of his old home to protect the locket he stole until the Order banished him during OotP?

I have no logic or reasoning for this other that the fact it popped up randomly in a dream I had last night and was still there in the morning...;p
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08 July 2007 @ 04:46 pm
Hi there everyone - I've been doing a read through of all the HP books in preparation for DH, and I keep seeing things everywhere.  I'm about 3/4 of the way through PoA and am fascinated with all the little factoids that jump out at me.  One thing is for certain though, and that's that Crookshanks is either the smartest cat/kneazle in the world, or there's really something more going on here. 

Crookshanks immediately dislikes Scabbers/Wormtail, pouncing on him at every opportunity.  He makes friends with Sirius...steals the sheet of passwords from Neville's bedside table (which means he can read, methinks), learns how to open the tunnel through the Whomping Willow...I mean, this is one cool cat!

Or is he?
The definition give in Fantastic beasts is: Kneazle (NEE-zul)
This very intelligent cat-like creature can detect unsavory or suspicious persons very well and will react badly to them. However, if a kneazle takes a liking to a witch or wizard, it makes an excellent pet. The kneazle has spotted fur, large ears, and a lion-like tail (FB). Crookshanks is part kneazle (Nr, JKR).

That said, maybe I'm just blowing hot air, but Kneazles seem to be very VERY smart.  There is also an interview with JKR where this question was posed:

Is there something more to the cats appearing in the books than first meets the eye? (i.e. Mrs. Figg's cats, Crookshanks, Prof. McGonagall as a cat, etc.)
Ooooo, another good question. Let's see what I can tell you without giving anything away....erm....no, can't do it, sorry.

So...my wacko theory is...

Ron's Uncle Bilius, (who is probably Arthur's brother), you know, the one that saw a Grim an died 24 hours later?  Well, what if he just disappeared?  What if he was an Animagus, and trapped in his Animagus form?  What if Crookshanks, who seems to get along very well for a cat with a big shaggy black dog, is really Bilius Weasley, trapped for 20 odd years as a cat?  I mean, Weasleys certain seem to take to Hermione, don't they?
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04 July 2007 @ 03:50 pm
This isn't so much a theory, as something (useless?) I've been wondering about lately.

  • Canon/JKR interview: Dumbledore has devised a way for Order members to communicate by sending a Patronus.

  • Canon: To conjure a Patronus, it is essential to concentrate on some very strong, positive memory.

  • Strongly implied in canon: Snape can communicate by Patronus. (In the Dumbledore-tells-all scene at the end of OotP, he informs Harry that Snape communicated with Sirius, and that the Order has ways of communicating that are more reliable than Umbridge's Floo.)

  • Follows from the preceding: Snape can conjure a Patronus.
  • Snape has some very strong, positive memory. (What could it be?)
  • If Snape were fundamentally evil, would he be able to conjure a Patronus at all?
03 July 2007 @ 04:08 pm
Arabella Figg shall be the person who will perform magic late in life, and she will challenge Bellatrix Lestrange in a duel the likes of which the Wizarding world has never seen. Bella vs. Bella. Bella wins.
26 June 2007 @ 11:57 pm
I know, I know. As crack theories go, this one is pretty high on the ludicrous scale. There is next to no textual evidence. It's more about a nebulous feeling of wrongness. Basically, the idea is that for symmetry's sake, there should be another Gryffindor traitor, one so secret that even Snape isn't privileged to know about. Snape was a Slytherin working for the Order during the first war, and Pettigrew was his counterpart, a Gryffindor working for Voldemort. Snape (I think) is still working for the Order, so it stands to reason that there might be another Gryffindor working for Voldemort. There really aren't that many people to choose from: Lupin, but I don't see that happening- what are the odds that both traitors are from the same group of people? Hagrid, please. A Weasley, well, perhaps Percy. I think that making Minerva McGonagall the traitor would have the maximum impact. And, I think there are enough small hints in the text to make that reveal believable. Here, in more or less chronological order, is the best evidence I've got and it's all circumstantial.Collapse )
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21 June 2007 @ 12:52 am

The tables will be turned in DH; Hermione, having spent most of HBP warning against following the notes in the book, will realise that the spells and potion making hints could be really useful to the Trio in their Horcrux hunt.  

Harry, however, will want nothing to do with the book because of his extreme hatred of Snape and so Hermione will have to talk him into retrieving it and using it.

(I like this idea, but it's more than likely we've seen the last of that book and no-one will give it a second thought in DH.)

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20 June 2007 @ 11:03 am
Oh, finally! A place I can dump my theories without ticking off friends who don't want to think/talk/are terrified about it.

My personal theory comes from a comment JKR made about "What question should someone have asked you?"

She said that no one has ever asked about how Dumbledore got James Potter's invisibility cloak to give to Harry.

So, I think that Remus was out doing patrols around James and Lily's hideout, wearing the invisibility cloak. Peter knew this, and was with Voldie on the awful day. He or Voldie stunned the hell out of Remus (most likely Peter, as Voldie would have just AK'd)

The next day, Dumbledore arrived, sent in Hagrid to pick up Harry, and found Remus, still out cold (cause we know Dumbledore can see through invisibility cloaks). Remus proceeded to go insane for a couple of years, as his entire life had fallen down around him, and Dumbledore had to deal with that for a while, hence the delay in getting to Privet Drive. Remus still though Sirius was the secret keeper, and told Dumbledore so, after sirius had already lent Hagrid his motorbike.

anyway...something like that. I definitely think there's more to Remus and that night!

I'm sure I'l be posting more soon!