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20 June 2007 @ 11:03 am
Invisibility cloak!  
Oh, finally! A place I can dump my theories without ticking off friends who don't want to think/talk/are terrified about it.

My personal theory comes from a comment JKR made about "What question should someone have asked you?"

She said that no one has ever asked about how Dumbledore got James Potter's invisibility cloak to give to Harry.

So, I think that Remus was out doing patrols around James and Lily's hideout, wearing the invisibility cloak. Peter knew this, and was with Voldie on the awful day. He or Voldie stunned the hell out of Remus (most likely Peter, as Voldie would have just AK'd)

The next day, Dumbledore arrived, sent in Hagrid to pick up Harry, and found Remus, still out cold (cause we know Dumbledore can see through invisibility cloaks). Remus proceeded to go insane for a couple of years, as his entire life had fallen down around him, and Dumbledore had to deal with that for a while, hence the delay in getting to Privet Drive. Remus still though Sirius was the secret keeper, and told Dumbledore so, after sirius had already lent Hagrid his motorbike.

anyway...something like that. I definitely think there's more to Remus and that night!

I'm sure I'l be posting more soon!
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