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14 July 2007 @ 01:17 am
My crazy marauder's map theory*  
So, I know half of fandom might shoot my head off for saying this, but really, it doesn't matter much because fandom is going to be dead in three months anyways. ): but seriously. I was thinking, in my re-reading of PoA, that the Marauder's Map sounded awfully like another magical object we have come to see - specifically, the diary in CoS. The main place I see this is when Professor Snape finds the marauder's map and the map insults him (possibly one of my favoritest scenes from the series). The other place is just, simply, in the way that Lupin talks about the map - the fact that he says "the makers of that map would have wanted to lure you out of the school," "they'd have thought it was funny." Which suggests that the map has a mind and soul of its own. In addition, Harry's first response, on having received the map from Fred and George, is to remember Arthur Weasley's words, which had previously been connected to the diary in CoS: "Don't trust anything if you can't see where its brain is." We already know, from the marauder's mastery of the animagus transformation, that they are highly gifted and able to produce complicated magical feats. On the flipside, des06  raised the excellent point that if this had been the case, then Lupin would have known that both Peter and James would not have been dead, then. That, along with just the simple fact that, in order to create the horcrux, the marauders would have had to murder someone (probably four someones, actually), and who these people are and the marauder's reluctance to do so would be the two things that really hold the theory back. But I can't help but think that maybe there is something up with the map. But it may just be I love Sirius so much and I want him back ):

*I'm not even sure I believe this myself!